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Why Abstract Facial Painting Becoming Increasingly Popular

Photography and art are similar—both allow us to go beyond the realms of creativity and capture the beauty of our surroundings. The only difference is that art also brings our imagination to life whereas photography only captures a still moment in time. 

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How to find the perfect abstract facial paintings 


While there are many forms of art, abstract face paintings are becoming popular among modern day artists. This is because of the unique techniques used by artists to create powerful masterpieces. 

Creating abstract painting of faces isn’t easy. An artist should be careful when painting because the obsession for looking for faces and figures in an abstract image can also distract viewers from considering the other aspects of a work of art. Not only do face paintings capture the subjects personality, but it also reflects the mind of the painter themselves. The colors used portray the passion of the artist and how they view the world around themselves. Art is part of everyday life, but its importance differs widely from person to person. 

Modern face paintings created by contemporary artists usually focus on bringing out the finer details of the face by focusing on expressions. A face is usually the first thing we notice in other people. Faces tell us more about a person than any other physical attribute and have always been socially important to humans. We as humans, usually evaluate each other from first impressions based largely on facial expressions. Contemporary artists usually try using different techniques such as knife pallets in order to add more level detail, texture and value to art in an effort to make the painting as unique and realistic as possible. 

As an artist, I love using forms of art to express myself. And, abstract face painting is one of the best ways to do that. Here are a couple of reasons why: 

What I truly love about abstract face painting is that it’s full of exciting colors and textures. You get to work with unlimited colors and texture, but at the same time, you have to get creative with the concepts. 

You might come across a still life painting and appreciate the way the artist painted his surroundings. You’ll most likely admire the use of colors or the way it has been shaded. But with abstract face paintings, it’s different.  

Because the artist captures the beauty of a face, abstract art has the power to evoke emotions. You might look at a painting of a close friend or family member, and be reminded of their importance in your life.  

Or it could be a painting of someone the artist knows and the brilliant use of patterns, colors, and textures will leave everyone marveling at the piece. 

Another perk of abstract face painting is that there’s no need for artists to follow any guidelines so this gives them freedom of expression. They use abstract art to express their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. There are several artists that have used abstract face painting to portray their struggles during times of war, grief, and when going through severe depression. 

Abstract paintings are personal. They highlight the plight and experiences of the artist. They focus on the inner turmoil the artist is going through. War paintings focus on the anguish, despair, and strength of the victims.  

They focus on the symbolic qualities, the characteristics, and personalities of people. 

Abstract Paintings Of a Womans Face 

Portraits of women are becoming popular and it’s understandable why. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman’s face. It’s the femininity and beauty that draws us. Women have more defined and delicate features than men.  

Perhaps it’s because of the fairer gender or that men find painting a woman’s face generally more appealing. The fact of the matter is, a beauty can be a cause of war. Take the Mona Lisa for example. Many abstract paintings of a woman’s face are usually based on the colors red, pink, yellow, purple, orange and turquoise.  

Some of my own works are inspired by the beautiful women in my life. But of course, you can’t just paint a picture of a person’s face and call it a day. You need to make sure that every painting is unique and distinctive in its own way.  

That’s why artists use different techniques like knife pallet textures, acrylics, and watercolors. These techniques can completely change the way the patterns look, and the result of the colors.  


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Acrylic Abstract Face Paintings 

While there are several types of abstract face paintings, acrylic and watercolor ones are the most popular. But when it comes to quality, colors, and texture, which one is better? 

personally recommend buying or painting acrylic ones because they: 

  • Dry fast 
  • The colors are more vibrant 
  • The shades and texture comes out beautifully 


Acrylics dry much more faster than oil and watercolors so you can easily fix and change it up much more easily. Not only that, the process time is easy. Watercolors in my opinion cant reach that accurate level that face paintings need and this is why I will recommend to refrain from using them. However, if you find that you’re more comfortable with either medium, then don’t let that hinder the process of you painting faces. 

Also, a thing to keep in mind is that the colors of acrylic give a better shine which helps to bring texture out from the painting along with different layers. Watercolors and oils lack that luster that you can get from acrylics and sometimes, that makes all the difference in the finish of a portrait. 

In addition using knife palette textures is also easier with acrylic paints because they’re non-toxic, dry easily, and you can control the consistency and texture.  

Modern-day artists, including myself, prefer to paint abstract face acrylic paintings for these reasons.   

I also recommend hanging your favorite abstract art paintings in your home. Not only will they help bring your home to life, they will also help increase its value. The best thing about abstract art is that since it’s versatile, you can hang a painting in an empty room with white walls and it will add a flair of elegance to the interior by matching your walls. Paintings are a part of interior design and our new abstract face artwork is sure to add life to your rooms. 


About the author: 

Ann Liu is a modern-day abstract face painting artist who mostly paints with knife palette texture and focuses on contemporary art like faces and figure images. She has the utmost love for ballerina figure paintings. 

In her spare time, she works with Akka Art. She also offers customized artworks for sale if you’re interested in purchasing abstract face paintings. 

To order your own customized piece of artwork, visit Akka Art 

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