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Popular Watercolor Art Themes and Subjects 

Have you ever wondered why people indulge in watercolor paintings the most? What is it about these types of artwork that makes people want to buy them? What are the most popular themes and subjects of watercolor art that sells? Which theme of watercolor sells the best? Do smaller paintings sell better than larger ones? And, should these questions be important to an artist? 

Many artists do not keep money as a priority. For them, their art should reveal the “truth” about themselves and their intent. However, for artists who are looking to earn a bit of an income, it is imperative that they look at buying trends before they pick up their brush. 

I’m not implying that an artist should merely paint for the sake of selling, but to embrace it if their paintings do sell. An artist in a tourist area may find that they can easily sell paintings of local sceneries. These sales will definitely help to pay some of their bills and on the bright side, they can paint in their own style and choose subjects that inspire them. 

Do you feel that some colors sell better than others? It’s long been said that the color red sells more than others, adding that bit of “dramatic” feeling and finishing. 

As you read further, I’ll explain the popular themes for watercolor art that sells. 

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Anna Radis Artist

Best-Selling Watercolor Painting Styles 

  1. Abstract 
  1. Cityscape  
  1. Landscape 
  1. Flowers 
  1. Figure 
  1. Faces 
  1. Butterfly 


Every artist has a preference when it comes to painting. Be it watercolor, oil paintings, acrylic, or mixed media art. There are many themes that go with watercolor paintings and some artists find themselves more adept at a particular theme and style than others.  

As I mentioned before, you shouldn’t only worry about selling your artwork. An artist should also be happy when painting and be comfortable to indulge in their style of art. 


Art That Sells 

Watercolor Paintings Abstract 

Many people buy art to match their home decorThis is a major reason on why abstract paintings sell so well. If you put an abstract painting on a wall it creates a unified “look” in your home decoration. Since abstraction usually has a symbolic approach, the viewer is free to interpret and assign their own meaning to the painting, and this freedom is another reason why watercolor abstract paintings sell so well.  

Looking to add a touch of creative freedom to your home ornament? Then check out my latest range of watercolor abstract paintings available at Akka Art. 

Watercolor Cityscape Paintings 

There are times when you wish to see something in a new perspective. Having a watercolor cityscape painting hanging in your bedroom, study or living room will give you a new angle to look at things. It fuels the mind when you’re looking at things from a different point of view and can appreciate the wonders of human technological achievements. Having a painting of a cityscape makes you feel as if you’ve brought that piece of the city into your home and life. 

Thinking of bringing an urban look to your home? Visit Akka Art for watercolor cityscape paintings. 

Watercolor Landscape Paintings 

Landscape painting gives the feeling that it is the most quintessential kind of art. Landscapes are universal: everyone understands and appreciates a long view, and it’s easy for a buyer. Many people love to look at a spectacular view and a landscape works in any type of home decor setting. A landscape artwork is a natural, appealing choice for most art buyers. 

Having a beautiful vista look to your decor gives a natural feel when stepping into the room. Check out Akka Art’s range of available watercolor landscape paintings. 

Watercolor Paintings of Flowers 

People seem to love paintings of flowersImagine a red rose on a black watercolor canvas – gives a sense of mystery and wild passion, doesn’t it? Since flowers come in all types of shapes, sizes and colors, an artist has a huge variety of choices to create paintings of flowers. The most popular ones are roses, lilacs, daffodils, sunflowers and lilies. The beauty of flowers are that they can go with almost every setting and home decor, be it in the bedroom, living room or even the outdoors. 

If you’ve always wanted to have some flora in your home, then check out Akka Art’s range of the latest watercolor flower paintings. 

Watercolor Paintings of Figures 

There is a spiritual connection when someone looks at a painting of another person. People will always enjoy looking at other people. Although the trend is shifting towards clothed figures rather than nudes, there has been and possibly always be a market for artwork of figures and nudes. 

If you’re interested in adding some shapes in your decor, then check out Akka Art’s collection of watercolor figure paintings. 

Watercolor Paintings of Faces 

People seem to love paintings of faces almost as much as they love themselvesTake the Mona Lisa for example, the way that famous smile and eyes have been captured, it makes the viewer lost in the impression of the artist. Many people go for their own custom portraits or for ones that have reach out to the depths of their soul. The attention to detail invoke a sense of passion in the viewer and captures the beauty of the person and their soul in the painting.  

Looking to have some expressions in your home? Have a look at my watercolor face paintings for sale at Akka Art. 

Watercolor Paintings of Butterflies 

People seem to love paintings of butterflies almost as much as they love naturePainting a picture of a specific breed of butterflies will always have a niche market for art enthusiasts. There’s something about wildlife which often evokes feelings of untamed, undomesticated nature which has a unique appeal to art critics. Also, the fact that butterflies come in all types of colors,the artwork is only limited by the artists imagination. 

Looking to add a bit of romance to your walls? Have a look at Akka Art’s vast collection of watercolor butterfly paintings for sale. 


What Painting Size Sells the Best 

The general consensus when painting is that smaller pieces of artwork sell the most. It’s usually because working on smaller canvases is commercially more feasible since smaller pieces are generally priced lower than larger ones and also because they tend to take up less room on a wall 

However, keep in mind that of selling more smaller paintings might be equal to selling fewer larger paintings. If you sell ten smaller paintings than one large painting, the gains might be the similar to selling one large painting, so take this into consideration when choosing your scale. 

Do small paintings really sell better than large ones? 

It‘s easier to sell smaller work. A small and lower-priced painting might appeal more to a buyer who’s a bit intimidated and hesitant to buying a larger work. 

Since smaller paintings are also priced lower, working on a small paintings is not necessarily more profitable. Some artists work on a smaller scale intentionally to create paintings that are theme and color related or give praise to another painting, since this encourages customers to buy more than one artwork and arrange them in groups rather than just have one piece. 

Also, working on smaller paintings will take up less storage space if they don’t sell right away. 

Should I always charge more for a larger painting? 

Since larger paintings cost more in materials and might take up more of the artists time, most larger paintings are pricier than smaller paintings. However, there are times when the size doesn’t count because the time, skill, and talent that goes into the painting also plays a role when deciding on its price. 

What about you? 

What size of artwork do you prefer? 

  • Small 55x35cm (21 to 13 inches) 
  • Medium 60x90cm (23 to 35 inches) 
  • Large 90x120cm (35 to 47 inches)[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]See results 


What Sells Better: Original Art or Prints? 

  • Prints usually sell better than original worksmainly because they are less expensive than original works and can be reproduced easily and fairly quickly. 
  • Limited-edition prints are the most popular. When an artists put a limit on how many prints will be available (50, for example) and they number each print (x/50, for example), this attracts buyers who want to buy these limited pieces of work. At times, the price of the limited-editions even goes higher than the original piece of artwork.  


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Where Do People Buy Art? 

Galleries used to be the main market for sales: If you couldn’t get into a gallery, you couldn’t really sell your artHowever, with the internet and the influential Pinterest, Etsy, Instagram and DeviantArt, art galleries no longer have the same level of influence. Embracing the trend, most galleries now sell a large percentage of their artwork online or via mobile apps. 

What Color Paintings Sell Best? 

While there is nothing set in stone or on canvas about this topic, there are some interesting anecdotes when it comes to color: 

  • It’s said that red is the most desirable color when it comes to selling artwork. 
  • Paintings that feature the color red are more attention grabbing than other colors. 
  • Several experts claim that the color blue will be the art world’s next favorite color.  


While I recommend taking this discussion with a pinch of salt, I will leave the reader to determine on what they think on the matter. 

What do you think? 

What color of art sells best, in your experience? 

  • Brown is a neutral color and never goes out of style. 
  • Pink adds a feeling a passion and love. Reminds me of feminism, beauty or Sakura Blossoms. 
  • Purple invokes a sense of spirituality, passion and grandeur. 
  • Beige is neutral, calm, relaxing and quite popular. 
  • Blue inspires feelings of trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty 
  • Color doesn’t really matter all that much, in my experience. 




What Should I Paint Today? 

I’ve looked at various themes, colors and sizes. While they are indeed interesting, do they really matter when painting? 

Success depends on many factors. Taking that into account, is it being marketed to the right people, is it the right trend, and is it the right gender? 



What Sells Art 

Art is all about creating an image in the mind of the viewer in order to inspire moods, thoughts, and feelings.  

Perhaps a landscape painting triggers memories of a great holiday, and perhaps an abstract painting matches the color and goes with a room’s decor. Sometimes, as an artist, I was told that the paintings color were exactly what the buyer was looking for. There are times when figure, wildlife and flower paintings relate to their respective buyers on a personal level – while it may not be the case with the artist, it does resonate with the buyer and they purchase that painting to have something to hold onto, and to serve as a reminder to them. 

My advice for painting is still the same, paint what you want to paint and enjoy doing it. 

A Little Something to Remember 

Whenever and whatever it is that you are painting, do it as well as you possibly can within the theme and style that you choose. Remember, paint what inspires and drives you! 

Always paint for yourself and pour all of your heart into your work. You’ll see that the more motivated and passionate you are, the better your artwork will be since that commitment will show through your efforts and work. 

A Little About Me 

Anna Radis is a world renowned watercolor artist who enjoys painting on paper and canvas using various techniques. All of her paintings are handmade, one by one in her studio. Each piece is unique and is the ultimate way to spruce up your interior design. It is bound to become a constant source of inspiration – whether hung at the office,in your kitchen, bedroom or in your living room.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]In her spare time, she works with Akka Art. She also offers customized artworks for sale if you’re interested in purchasing abstract facial paintings.