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make your own

Have you been searching for the right painting for your living room? Do you have an idea for a painting but aren’t a dab-hand with a paintbrush? If you answered “yes”, your search is finally over. 

Make Your Own allows you to create a fully custom painting that will add the finishing touches to your space. Regardless of the color scheme, texture or style, our artists can work their magic and breathe life into your dream-borne masterpiece.

Artwork Categories

Cityscape and Landscape

Many people like having their favourite city or place adorned on their walls and we are delighted that our artists can make that happen.

All you need to do is tell us which location you want to be conjured into a unique painting, along with any color and texture preferences and we will do the rest. Of course, you will receive pictures and updates at every stage so you can let us know if you want anything to be changed. It is that easy!


If you are more drawn to abstract works of art, then don’t be afraid to ask us for this either. The artist will need to understand the overall look you are wanting them to create; plus any specific colors, textures or media (oil, acrylic, water color) you are after.

Make sure you study the pictures and updates we send you carefully to ensure you are completely satisfied. Since abstract is so varied, we need to guarantee that our artist is following your brainwave.


Figurative paintings are those gorgeous, representational forms of art that take inspiration from real-life sources (people and animals). Whether you have a beloved pet or family member that you would like immortalised in a masterpiece, we have talented artists that can do just that.

Make Your Own is Truly “Your Own”

As soon as you place an order with our “Make Your Own” system, you become part of the creation process. Our artist is working on your behalf to bring your dreams into existence.

To ensure you receive the exact style you like, have a gander at each artists’ work and specify who you would like to rustle up your painting. This way, no one is left unhappy! However, if you don’t know which painter you would like, we can make that decision for you.

Since this is a completely custom service, Make Your Own paintings can take around 45 days to arrive at its forever home due to the drying and creation process.

We are just as excited as you are to bring your ideas to life!