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Jerusalem paintings

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your faith as a Jewish person or just want to celebrate the beautiful city of Jerusalem, smack dab in the heart of Israel, the Jerusalem paintings collection we’ve put together gives you an opportunity to fill your home with stunning artwork that captures the atmosphere and energy of this holiest city. 

Jerusalem Painting on Canvas
city of gold
Jerusalem cityscape painting
Jaffa Gate
jerusalem old city paintings for living room
Jerusalem Old City
Jerusalem painting on canvas size:60x90cm
New Year Evening
paintings of jerusalem old city
New Year In Jerusalem
Kotel painting Jerusalem painting on canvas
Saturday at the Kotel
jerusalem abstract paintings
the center of life
Jerusalem abstract painting
the center of the world

Many of these paintings are done of the “old city”, capturing views and visions of Jerusalem that celebrate all that this city and her people have seen throughout history. Others capture a more modern Jerusalem, filled with people around the world coming to Israel to celebrate the resilience of this city and its foundation of faith – are designed to help fill spaces with the same kinds of feelings people have when they visit Jerusalem in person. 


Finding the perfect Jerusalem painting that helps you to start (or grow) your collection or find a piece that can become a cornerstone design element of your interior aesthetic can be a bit of a tough task. 


Not because there are so few top-quality painting of Jerusalem Old City scenes to pick and choose from but because there are so many! 


We are incredibly proud of our collection of kotel painting options that help you narrow down your choices somewhat, paintings that run the gamut across different styles, different mediums, and different aesthetics all while honoring Jerusalem through the talent and skill of the artists that have created these works. 


The odds are good that you’ll find the perfect paintings of this holy city in our collection below, a collection that we continue to add to on a regular basis. If you’re looking for something, in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact us – thanks to our unique network of incredible artists we may be able to help you find the perfect piece for your collection, too!