Anna Radis | Watercolor And Acrylic Paintings | Akka Art

Anna Radis

Hi, I’m Anna Radis and I paint original watercolor and acrylic paintings, on paper and on canvas. Creating has always been a key part of my life, I started

in the childhood at Art Gimnasium and went on to study Architecture and 

Interior Design in adulthood. There is but … After almost a decade in the design field, I felt that I had to make a change, something inside me cried … At age 33, I left everything and went back to an old childhood hobby, painting.

How long did I wait for this moment and this sense of complete freedom! 

There are no limits, no restrictions, and almost no rules. Each painting is heartfelt as an idea, continuing as brush strokes and ending only when the emotion on the page is accurate. When I draw everything around me disappears, all attention is directed only to the process. Aesthetic sense and experience in interior design, greatly help me create art that harmoniously art 

that blends into each space. 

New techniques, combinations of styles and paintings of different subjects is what really excites me! In a variety of my original paintings, you will find a collection of women, flowers, abstracts, and more. 

I believe … a painting hanging on the wall in your living room or placed on a 

bedside bed table can not only enhance the interior design but also improve your mood, encourage, calm, stimulate, and empower you. Certainly, art has an impact effect on the aesthetic, but even more on the emotional, it blurs borders between countries and brings hearts closer.

It makes me very happy! To know that my art fill houses and hearts of people around the world.