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Ann Liu

Ann Liu is a Chinese artist that specialized in modern painting. Ann paints with acrylic colors and use often knife palette technique. Ann loves to paint ballerinas and abstract face painting. Ann loves to create match harmony of colors in her artworks.

Ann is 24 years old. she studies art at a private school in Shenzhen. Ann sells most of her artworks in China and Asia but here modern style spread worldwide.

Abstract Paintings Of Women
Abstract Face
black and white abstract face painting
Abstract Women Face
abstract face paintingg for living room
African Face
Ballerina Painting on Canvas
Autumn Dance
ballerina wall art
Ballet Dance
Blue abstract face painting
blue ballerina acrylic painting 60x90cm
Blue Ballerina
large blue abstract paintings
Blue Face
blue face painting
Break Blue
Ballerina painting on canvas
Dance of the Hours
modern dance painting
Dance Of The Reeds