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Have you ever looked at a painting and marveled at its beauty? Not only did the theme and concept stand out, you were amazed by the attention to details, the use of vibrant and brilliant colors, and the way the artist executed his or her ideas? 

Home décor has never been more exciting with our wide collection of abstract paintings! After all, paintings are more than just another picture on the wall. Every buyer has their own interpretation when looking at abstract paintings – it’s the same for when you’re buying a car. While some people appreciate the fine strokes, others admire the colors. And, for some, it’s that feeling of nostalgia that comes when looking at a picture, reminding them of something from their experiences. Many people nowadays, are buying abstract art to match the decors of their homes. 

Abstract Paintings Of Women
Abstract Face
black and white abstract face painting
Abstract Women Face
abstract face paintingg for living room
African Face
woman abstract painting for office
Modern woman painting
square abstract painting
Blue abstract face painting
large blue abstract paintings
Blue Face
blue face painting
Break Blue

Abstract Painting on Canvas 

Painting is considered as one of the purest forms of expression. While abstract painting on canvas is similar to visual poetry, modern abstract art is said to speak to one’s contemporary spirit. It’s like poetry – with a brush. It creates a visual composition using shapes, colors, patterns, textures and line forms. 

Think of art as a visual form of music. The various intricacies of the work come together to form a harmony that resonates right off the canvas. Famous artists such as Paul Klee, have been known to have been inspired by music. It’s art like this that inspires one to listen and look at things from the heart and not from the mind – like your inner-world corresponding with your subconscious. 

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Imagine if you had access to such a piece, right at the comfort of your home! When you’re starting out, the various styles out there can be overwhelming. We suggest on going for some of these popular types of abstract paintings; 

  • Colorful abstract painting 

Why not hang a colorful painting to add to the beauty of your living room? Not only will it brighten up the room, it’ll add a nice colorful pop to your existing décor. A beautiful painting can complement your interior and even help raise the value of your property. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy a house that has been decorated with exquisite artwork, handpicked from some of the finest collections in the country? 

  • Orange abstract paintings 

Do you have a blue colored wall at home? We’ll recommend that you to go for an orange abstract painting that will help your home’s interior stand apart and bring it to life. 

  • Black and white abstract painting 

Having a red wall in your kitchen or in the bedroom really doesn’t leave you with much options when it comes to decoration. In order to maximize the wall color and, for the abstract painting to really shine, we’ll recommend going for a black and white abstract painting to really highlight that red wall, and create a cozy environment. 

  • Blue abstract painting 

For anyone who has a beige or a golden colored wall at home, we’ll recommend going for a blue abstract painting. Not only is it soothing to the eyes, but it will help uplift your mood by giving you a view of the ocean, or even the sky (as per your interpretation). 

  • Gray abstract painting 

Plenty of people think that gray is a boring color. But it has plenty of different shades that can give your interior an interesting look. It’s the perfect color to pair up with a solid color, since neutral and solid go hand in hand.  

Just imagine you have a parrot green wall that could use a bit of decoratingWhy not hang a gray abstract painting to add that subtle touch of completeness? Since gray is a neutral color, it will also make your rooms look bigger without standing out negatively. You can experiment with more than fifty shades and see what goes with the walls of your home. 

Gray paintings can also be used on mauve colored walls as well; trust us, we’re talking from experience.  


Abstract Paintings for Sale   

While price is a major consideration for many people, our amazing collection from well over 400 artists from our online gallery is sure to win you an exclusive painting of your own, all for a profit and within your budget. Our abstract artists use multilayers of acrylic and oil colors, and reach texture, using quality techniques such as knife palettes, and action painting using acrylic oils. 

We here at Akkaart have a strict criteria when it comes to selecting artists. We select only the best artists that pass our requirements and quality tests. Each painting set to be displayed, is quality checked by our team of professionals, in order to ensure that it is of the highest quality.  

We handpick each painting, run background checks on the artists, and ensure you get a bang for your buck. We will only offer you a collection that we ourselves would buy.  

Thinking of buying an abstract artwork? Why not follow one of our art galleries by clicking here. You’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste, and perhaps, even inspire you to start redesigning your home.